My dumping ground for what I've been upto

Conference Presentations

  • Core Scheduling: Taming Hyper-Threads to be secure (Linux Plumbers Conference, 08/20).

  • RCU in 2019: KernelRecipes 2019 (Paris, 09/19): slides, video (third speaker).

  • Debugging Real-Time issues in Linux. Conference: ELCE 2016 (Berlin, 10/16): : slides, video. Also presented at Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Silicon Valley (12/16).

  • adeb: The better adb shell. Conference: Linaro Connect 2018 (Vancouver, 09/18). slides.

  • BPFd: Powerful Linux Tracing for Remote targets using eBPF. Conference: SCALE16x (Pasadena, 3/18): slides, video, article. Also at OS Power Management (OSPM) conference on 4/18 (Italy).

  • Flattened Image Tree (FIT). Conference: ELC 2013 (Sanfrancisco, USA 12/13): slides video.

Recently Published Work

  • RCU Usage In the Linux Kernel: Eighteen Years Later, ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, August 2020. (Latest version in PDF).

  • Energy-Efficient Low-latency Audio on Android. Journal of Systems and Software Volume 152, June 2019, Pages 182-195 ELSEVIER. link

  • LWN Journal (Linux Weekly News). BPFd: Running BCC tools remotely across systems and architectures. publication link

Taught several classes on Operating Systems at San Jose (

  • What is the kernel upto? Exploring Linux internals with tracing tools. Date: 05/16. slides

  • Linux Scheduler Process wakeup path Date: 01/17. slides

  • Introduction to Embedded Linux. Date: 12/16. slides

  • Introduction to OpenEmbedded. Date: 01/17. slides