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Teaching and Mentoring

I have 15 years of experience in the computer science industry and am an avid public speaker. I have given numerous talks at conferences around the world. I am particularly excited about breaking down difficult topics into easy to understand sessions.

I enjoy providing weekly online one-to-one sessions with students who have reached out to me over the years. Each session is 1 to 1.5 hours and customize to the student’s needs. I strongly believe teaching is re-learning! My style is often practical as I have both industry and academic experiences.

The following include but are not limited to the classes I teach:

  • Computer Architecture.
  • Operating Systems and Concurrency.
  • Algorithms and Data Structures.
  • Advanced Algorithms.
  • C, C++, Assembler, Firmware, Python Programming.
  • Basics of Computer Programming.
  • Computer Networks.
  • Digital design, Circuit Design and Embedded Systems.
  • Database Design.
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews.
  • Paper writing.

If there is a Computer Engineering topic above that is not mentioned, or if there is a academic paper you are reading that you need help with, feel free to reach out to me to check if I can cover that.

I charge $70/hour for my time, but I can charge a lower fee if you would like to book a group of sessions. I am also open to group classes with more than 1 student.


Call: 434-771-6184